Monday, March 2, 2009

Book Review - 'Not Easily Broken' By T. D. Jakes

This book was read by the book group called 'The Sisters of Excellence with Great Mind Associations' (SIGMA). 'Not Easily Broken' presents one of the most strenuous challenges in a marriage. After 15 years of marriage, you learn you do not really know your supposed 'lifelong' partner. Dave's love for his wife, Clarice, and his marriage is called for validation. Their marriage has been plagued with a difference of dreams, unsuccessful communication and different family expectations hindered by a meddlesome, insecure mother-in-law. Then a woman, Julie, and her son, Brice, entered their lives......

Did Dave handle his encounter as any man would? Was it validated? Was Clarice to blame for the chain of events that took place in their lives? Was anyone to blame? Did Julie's actions add to the challenges of Dave and Clarice's marriage? How has reality been presented in this book?

A question posed to you from SIGMA - SIGMA agrees that Dave ( the husband) always owes respect to her wife if or when he commits adultery (physically and emotionally). However, does Julie (the other women) owe any respect or responsibility or consideration to Dave's wife for her actions?

What are your thoughts on the book?